Saying that I am excited is a massive understatement. I wrote this book because I felt that sharing my story could help other women like me.

My journey to motherhood was challenging, humbling, and completely life changing. I have changed in ways I never could have anticipated and my relationship with Thomas has changed, but only for the better. I am a mother now and there is nothing in the world I can’t do.

I am happy to share with you Big Girl Decisions a memoir of my journey to motherhood.

My book is now available on Amazon. Purchase your ebook copy or paper copy today.

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Did you know I'm a public speaker?

I’ve presented on branding, effective social media strategies, blog planning and development, and branding. Topics include:

  • Building a Brand: It’s more than an image and a name
  • Digital Marketing for Your Organization
  • Do Your Research Before Your Media Buy
  • Mastering Instagram
  • The Evolution of a Blogger: Top Things I’ve Learned
  • Social Media 101
  • Social Media Strategy and Analytics
  • Written, Verbal and Visual Communication

Since writing my book, I’ve had the opportunity to present my story on motherhood. I love connecting with mothers and sharing my story of the joys and the struggles I face as a mother.

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I also play the piano a bit.

I sat down at a piano at the age of seven and I’m just not myself if I haven’t sat down and played on those ivories or sang my heart out. I can sit down at a piano and somehow I play the melody of a verse or a jingle of a chorus. My music is an expression of my story.

I’ve played all over Utah from places like the Depot and Sandy Amphitheater to coffee shops and outdoor festivals. I was lucky enough to play in Colorado at the Grand Junction Botanical Garden festival, the Denver Art Festival and more.

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