Hey there mama!

I know how difficult it can be running a business and a household. Running to back your kids lunch right before a partner meeting starts up can be exhausting.

We can't do it alone; build a business or raising children. Let me be part of your village, in both regards.

I can help you with marketing your business, and will listen to you when you need to debrief about how our kids. Hey we've all been there, no judgement here.


Marketing is my Jam!

Let me take some of your stress away. I have a passion for building a brand, strategic development, social media management, research; pretty much everything marketing related.

Below are some links to docs that will give you an idea of how I work and what I can provide to you and your small business.

Branding Development Strategic Digital Marketing

Momhood is no joke!

My journey to motherhood was a growing experience for me. I was terrified to become a mom, then took the plunge and had a miscarriage as 11 weeks. I wrote my first book Big Girl Decisions only months after giving birth to my second son. I felt strongly that there were more women out there like me and I wanted to way to connect with them. Now, I'm in the thick of it and experiencing new things on the daily. I've learned that I need to practice gratitude regularly. That is why I created Grateful Mama, which is a gratitude journal that helps you practice gratitude and move forward with your person goals.

Gratitude has changed my life.

This book is simply a tool to help you get started with practicing gratitude.

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I had to make some big girl decisions.

My journey to motherhood was challenging, humbling and completely life changing.
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I get asked quite a bit about how I wrote and self published. I created this video to make it easier for everybody. Please reach out if you have any further questions.

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