6 Ways to be More Happy During Uncertain Times

These are uncertain times. Nobody knows how to process this what we are going through and with that said we are all experiencing similar things: at times we feel anxiety, depressed, lonely, happy, sad, grateful, worried, and the list goes on.

I tell Thomas all the time how I am in awe of our life and our family. I feel happy at else once a day, even during this time of global change. Now I’m not happy and cheery all day every day, but I feel happy for moments throughout the day. Come on, it would be totally fake if I was happy every single moment I was awake.

Now with that said, I consider myself a happy half glass full person. I attribute my happiness to many things. Below are five things I do almost every day to ensure I experience some form of happiness. My hope is that this helps you during this very difficult time.

1. Be curious about the people you live with.

For me, this is my boys, all three of them. I swear I can be having the worst day and the moment I see Thomas or our boys I feel relief and happiness. These three people honestly bring me so much joy. During time when we are seeing a lot of each other I think it a great opportunity to become curious about them. I want to be present with them, ask them questions, play with them, like down on the floor, good, old-fashion play.

2. Connect virtually.

Outside of my McMinn tribe I do have a group of individuals who make me happy, who love me unconditional. One thing to keep in mind is to love people back. Give love back to those people that give you love. I am grateful to have my tribe of people who care about me and love me unconditionally. During this time, reach out to those people and connect digitally, Facetime, Zoom, even just an old fashion phone call.

3. Connect inward.

As a society we don’t do this enough. We are constantly running from one thing to the next. Rarely do we stop to take a breath and ask ourself if what we are doing is serving as well. It is vital during this time of change to slow down connect with who we are as an individual and identify how we want to come out of this global change. I have chosen to slow my life right now. Take time to reflect on the choices I’ve made and the life I have built. Does working full-time and running two small business serve me? Does that make me happy? I don’t have the answer, but I can tell you this I am coming out of this pandemic a strong person and with more direction on how to live my life with happiness.

4. Always look on the bright side.

This is a learned behavior. You have to train your brain to look at the positive in every situation. When you find yourself thinking something negative, stop and think about how that thing or situation could be positive. This is very difficult to do in the beginning, but if you keep programming your mind to find the positive it will get easier and before you know it you are seeing your glass half full. We may be spending most of our days indoors with our family…great! You can take this time to get to know your kids and partner better, get to know yourself better, find better balance with work and play. The list goes on and on you just have to be open to “half full glass.”

5. Take time every day to do something that you love.

This one is hard for me. Being a new mom, a working lady, and a hopefully kick ass wife; it is difficult for me to take time away from my family. I feel guilty, which I know I shouldn’t. If I take some time to do something that I love doing and that brings me joy, then I’ll be a better mom, employee and wife. During this time, the one thing I do every day is play the piano. I find when I’ve played for an hour or so I feel lighter and ready to tackle my next family responsibility. I have a friend who is writing a poem every single day during the month of April. Whatever that things is that you love do it…everyday.

6. Be grateful.

Here is a challenge for you! For an entire month, write down one thing each day that you are grateful for. It could be your coffee, your kids, your bed, whatever. For me when I can feel grateful for something; whether it be big or small, I feel happier. Being grateful helps keep things into perspective for me. In this digital world, it is so easy to find yourself comparing your life to others. Having that comparison on a daily basis makes me feel down, I’ve noticed that the days I don’t compare and I am grateful for all that I do have are the days I am happiest.

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