I am a musician, speaker, writer, wife, mom, blogger, Mustang driver, and ice cream lover. You can read all about the first three title on the pages dedicated them. Here I want to talk about the best titles I could never have imagined would bring me so much joy and happiness. I’m talking about the titles of wife and mother. I became I wife on a beautiful April day in 2016. I anxiously awaited uniting my life to my husband. I married my best friend. I man who I was incredibly proud to call my husband. We lived in wedded bliss for a decade as I built my music career and worked full time for the State of Utah. I was working and speaking during the work week and preforming every weekend all over Utah and parts of Colorado.

The music filled weekends slowed down the year I decided to obtain a master’s degree in strategic communication. Shortly after graduating with my master’s I gave birth to my first son. I will never be able to describe the joys and pains of motherhood, but I can say this, I am having the time of my life. I became pregnant with my second son, a short 16-months later and while I was pregnant with him I started my blog, Hint of Lavender. This blog is dedicated to finding balance in the chaos as a full-time working mother. I hope that sharing my story helps other women find balance in their lives.

Six-months into my blogging experience I decided to write a book. Big Girl Decisions is my journey to motherhood. I feel ever so strongly that I need to share my experience of having fear of motherhood and overcoming a miscarriage. I want other women to know they are not alone in their thoughts of miscarriage and I want to start a dialogue about miscarriage. It is not a dirty word and yet I find myself whispering it as I describe what my book is about. I want to talk about, not just my miscarriage, but the impact motherhood has had on me. I hope other mothers will talk with me. Please let’s chat find me on social media or email.

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