I am a marketing consultant, writer, speaker, musician, Mustang driver, and ice cream lover. I need to mention the best titles, which are wife and mother. I became a wife on a beautiful April day in 2006. I married my best friend Thomas, a man I am incredibly proud to call my husband. We lived in wedded bliss for a decade as I built my music career and worked full-time for the State of Utah. For over 15 years, I was a Communication Coordinator, I worked on multi-million dollar accounts, presented at conferences, managed budgets and employees, designed websites, coordinated social media efforts, and more. I love learning and teaching about all things communication: social media, public relations, strategy development, campaign analysis and…well the list goes on and on. During the past decade, I was working and speaking during the week; and then performing during the weekend all over Utah and parts of Colorado.

The music filled weekends slowed down the year I decided to obtain a master’s degree in strategic communication. Shortly after graduating with my master’s degree I gave birth to my first son. A short 16-months later, I became pregnant with my second son. I will never be able to describe the joys and pains of motherhood, but I can say this, I am having the time of my life.

During that last pregnancy, I started my blog, Hint of Lavender, which was dedicated to finding balance in the chaos as a full-time working mother. My hope was that other women find balance in their lives.

About six-months into my blogging experience, I decided to write a book, Big Girl Decisions, which is my journey to motherhood. I needed to share my experience of becoming a mom, the fear and anxiety I had, and overcoming a miscarriage. Motherhood has had a profound effect on me. I hope other mothers will relate to my story and want to talk with me about their journey.

Which brings me to the mecca of gratitude journals, Grateful Mama. This weekly gratitude journal helps mom identify three things they are grateful for, one goal for the upcoming week and one type of self-care they will provide to themselves. Watch this video to see how gratitude has changed my life.

In 2019, I transitioned my blog into a business. Hint of Lavender is now a space that inspires people to gather the people they love in their home. As I was turning  Hint of Lavender into a business, I started a video series called Building a Business where I documented my journey of building a party supply business.

In addition to running a small business I also consult with other business owners. I share my knowledge of communications. I’ve worked with a handful of amazing business owners and helped them build their online presence. I’ve also worked with people in building their personal brand, which is a lot of fun too.

I want to work with amazing humans. If you need help with marketing, need a speaker, or even help writing a book I’m your girl.

Let’s chat. Find me on social media or email me.

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