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Sophia Amoruso is candid authors and I find her to be fascinating. After reading #girlboss, I feel as if I know her. She wrote the book in a way that makes you believe she is talking to you as if you were a friend. Her book is honest, funny, and inspiring. She talks about how she dumpster dived for leftover bagels; shop lifted a Michael Kors watch, and harassed truck drivers on a CB radio as she hitchhiked to Olympia, Washington. During that time in life, she was against capitalism and then found herself running a multimillion-dollar company. The other half of the books she shares how she became a girl boss and offers valuable work-related advice.

Now I could go on further to give you an overview of the book, but I don’t think that would be beneficial to you. I want to give you highlights or my takeaways from the book that stood out to me. So buckle up here we go.

Take Away 1. Credit Cards Blow (Subtitle from #girlboss-gotta give credit where credit is due)

Sophia talks about how credit cards blow. I couldn’t agree and disagree more. I found myself in a load of debt after I graduated with my undergrad in Criminal Justice. I thought I was going on to be a criminal defense attorney; that was not in my cards. The summer after graduation, I started working at the Utah Department of Health and found myself with of course my student loans, but also a huge amount of debt that kept me fed in college. I worked during my entire college career, but that paycheck when to rent and utility bills.

So here I am with a big girl job living paycheck to paycheck. Long story short, Thomas and I (we were living together at the time) decided to put ourselves on a strict budget and pay off our credit card debt. We did it in just under a year and no we did not suffer, we just had to let go of our daily Starbucks habit for a year.

Here is where I say I disagree that credit cards blow. Now I used my credit card to buy almost everything and I have two reasons for it. 1. It’s the best way for me to track my spending habits, which I try to evaluate and improve on a yearly basis. 2. It build my credit. The magic sauce to using credit cards it to use it like a debt card, only make purchase when you have the amount sitting in your bank. When the end of the month rolls around you ensure to pay off the credit card amount from the money you’ve got sitting in your bank. I basically take on the idea that if I don’t have in in the bank I don’t buy it. And honestly now with mobile banking it takes seconds to see how much you have in your account.

Budgeting is a lifestyle and doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. One thing Sophia wrote was, “Another big non-no is increasing your spending as soon as your income increase.” I think this is extremely wise advice. She wrote that she was so focused on growing her business that spending money on herself never crossed her mind. Again great advice when you are building a business.

Take Away 2. The Art of Your Work

As I have been building my business, (maybe I should be saying as I’m attempting to take some products to market) some things Sophia has shared in your book have been helpful and inspiring. Now I talked about this in Episode Two of Building a Business-Manufacturing video. I was getting extremely fed up with the manufacturing process. I talked to Thomas about it, he mainly told me to buck up and make it happen. Around that same time, I was reading #girlboss and in that book Sophia said, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for. So just ask.”

I ask the manufacturing if I could share a 20-ft shipping container with another client and he said that he does that all the time. Had I not been inspired but what Sophia wrote, I would not be moving forward with manufacturing my party supplies. In #girlboss, Sophia wrote, “If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting what you want, stop for a second: Have your actually flat-out asked for it?” I was beyond frustrated and after asking for a solution that I could make work and benefited both parties, I got what I asked for.

Her book is full of wonderful advice chapter eight is devoted to her experience and lesson learned when hiring, staying employed and firing.  Lots of advice on how to be professional in those situations and things to consider not doing like not having your phone even visible during an interview. 100% agreed.

Speaking of staying professional, she talks about staying level headed when it comes to work. “When you do meet to discuss [a possible raise], skip the personal sob stories, she advices. I think this holds to true to most work-related discussions. When it comes to our jobs, we are there to work. No employer is going to care about challenging roommate or the tantrum your kids threw on your way out the door, if you miss a deadline or show up late for a pitch meeting. I understand that shit happens and sometimes you can’t avoid. But don’t be expecting a raise or promotion if your personal life habitually interferes with your ability to work.

Take Away 3. Treat Your Thoughts Like Your Dollar Bills: Don’t Waste ‘Em  (Subtitle from #girlboss-again credit)

Thoughts create choices and choices create your life. I am a firm believer in living my life in the glass half full method. Positive thoughts bring positive energy. As a working mom, I need all the positive vibes I can get. One thing Sophia wrote about in this book is that she using her Internet passwords as modern-day sigils. She embeds them as wishes or promises to herself. She states, “That way every time I go to log in anywhere, I’m subtly reminding myself of what I’m working for.” I have since changed some of my passwords to this concept. I have to admit when I log in one of those accounts I find myself smiling as I do it.

I stopped smiling in mid-2018 when I realized I didn’t like the blogging world. Sophia wrote that she has also learned to rein in her negative thoughts when it comes to business competition. I was struggling with the fake blogger lifestyle I was witnessing on Instagram. I was tried of feeling as if I had to create this glorious life in order to be successful as a blogger. I’m just not that person. As I move forward with this new venture a taking some party supplies to market, I want to keep my integrity intact. I want to continue to inspire women but sharing what I’ve learned, my mistakes and my knowledge. Ok I’m doing ranting.

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