Gratitude Has Changed Me Life

Grateful Mama

As I have practiced the art of gratitude, my life has changed in many ways. I find myself feeling more content, which allows for peace enter my life. I truly believe that having gratitude leads to contentment. While most of us are on the pursuit of happiness, which is understandable because it’s the best emotional high, it is also not sustainable. Contentment is more sustainable. I found contentment through gratitude.

I started practicing gratitude a year or so ago when my husband Thomas gave me a gratitude journal. I loved the idea of writing down things I was grateful for etc. but daily gratitude writing didn’t work for me. As a busy mom, I’m sure you understand. That is why I’ve created this gratitude weekly journal. For me taking 15 minutes at the beginning of each week so a lot more doable. I also noticed by doing at the beginning of the week helped me gave perspective on all the positive things in my life. I found my attitude towards things changing.

For example, I was struggling with my job. I felt like I was working so hard and not receiving the benefits or the credit that I thought I deserved. I was struggling with these negative emotions for months. When I talked to Thomas about this, he simple told me to quit. I then had a laundry list of positive things to say about my job.

I reflected on this list of positivity over the next few weeks. As I sat down to write my weekly gratitude entry I wrote my job in big bold letters. There it was staring at me. I was grateful for my job. The next few weeks to follow I kept silently repeated this phrase to myself and I notice something. I was no longer feeling as if I deserved credit for the work I was doing. I acknowledged all the benefits this job was providing me: steady income, Federal holidays paid time-off, a daycare onsite. The list goes on and on and I was able to see that through practicing gratitude.

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