How to Know Your Audience

Marketing 101– know your audience. Whenever you post something to social media, you should always, always, always be thinking of who is on the other end of that post. I ask my clients all the time, “Who this post is meant for?” I typically get one of two responses, either “I don’t know” or “everyone.” If your response to that question is one for those responses, you need to watch the video below and keep on reading.

When you are posting to social media, with the goal of building a personal brand or company etc. you always need to think of your audience. There is a tool I marketing that can help you do just that they are called personas. I always use my personas when writing my copy, creating my visual, or posting to social. In fact, I’m using my personas right now as I’m writing this post.

So what is a persona? It is a document that depicts someone you are trying to target. It can include demographics, background and aspirations, activities-both personal and professional, along with brands. It paints a picture of the people who are following you and allows you to create your copy and visual to appeal to those people.

How to Create a Persona

1. Demographics

Can include: age, relationship status, city, income. Think about where and how this person is living.

2. Background and Aspirations

Can include education, job history, career goals, and personality traits. Think about what this person has accomplished and the characteristics that support those achievements.

3. Activities

Can include: activities both personal and professional. Think about what this person enjoys doing and is good at doing, both in their personal and professional life.


Can include: brands you see this person purchasing. Thinking about what this person purchases. Do they value lost cost vs quality of product?

This is an example of how I created my personas and how I create them for my clients. Personas can look a bit different and include different information. I wanted four simply categories you could implement if you created your own personas.

As you begin to use your personas to create your content allow this information to guide you in that process. If your customer or follower is into high-end brands, your visuals need to depict luxury and refinement. If your customer or follower is a busy mom, your copy needs to include how this can save her time or money, etc.

I understand this can be a lot to take in and that’s ok. I am here to help you. As always, contact me through social or email if you have any questions or need some coaching.

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